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Picture Day!

The difference is creativity!  I am the father of 3 boys and they all play sports.  Even as a professional photographer, i still purchase pictures on picture day.  Being a photographer, i thought...  why not produce a creative memory at the same price as the "hold the ball and say cheese" picture.  These images are produced with the understanding that this poster image will be hanging on the wall next to Derek Jeter!

From all sports, to dance studios to summer camps and almost any other application.

Coaches and administrators...  Contact me to talk about this years images.  After our initial conversation, i will design a layout.  Complete with the athletes name, number, the year and any other information that we feel fit.  The design will also be branded with your league name, school, camp name etc.

Every year we can create a brand new design to make it something that your clients look forward to, while making these images collectible and creating a loyal following.

Picture day is made simple!  I we will schedule a day when all athletes will be in uniform.  There is no charge for the photos.  Each parent will receive an order form complete with the created design and ordering options.  Parents can choose from a few pre-determined packages.  There is no obligation to purchase.  Simply complete the order form and within a few weeks, your images will be delivered to coach.

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